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Thursday, October 01, 2015
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
Many, many, many people have asked us if this isn’t hurricane season in the Caribbean. Well, I have an answer for you all now, and it is “apparently so”. Am I concerned? Not really. If this is what hurricane season feels like, sign me up. It is stinkin’ hot out and the seas are sooo smooth that you don’t even know you’re moving. And our cabin is at the very back of the ship overlooking the wake, so if there was movement…we’d feel it. But don’t get me wrong…we are feeling the effects, but it’s not in the nauseous rocking of the boat, it’s in the adjustment to the itinerary. Apparently Hurricane Joaquin is kicking up a fuss in the Northern Bahamas, so our first stop in Eleuthera has been cancelled. We’ll be starting our trip with 2 days at sea. We’ve been re-routed to the Old Bahama Channel which is an inside route to St. Thomas. We’ll be looking for the answer to that age old question “Have you ever been to sea, Billy?”… and hoping beyond hope that we don’t get “blown ashore”.

I think I’m going to institute a daily “Fuss Budget” on this trip’s blog . No, it won’t be the nomination of that one blue hair that I’ve had some issue with each and every day…and you know there will be one…but that’s not what the “fuss budget” is all about. It will be a way to gauge how many confrontations/issues/incidents that I’ve been faced with/involved in/instigated during the course of my day. As with all good budgets, the maximum is 100%...and that would reflect a day of nothing but head butting, eye rolling and under the breath comments…some even by me!!

So, today’s Fuss Budget sits at a mere 10%. Not bad really. We experienced a smooth trip from Saint John to Fort Lauderdale with no problems whatsoever. Our transfer from the airport to the port was seamless. Boarding…fairly quick and uneventful. The only one small thing that gave me pause was the herd, and yes, I think “herd” is the right word for it, of motorized scooters, wheelchairs, and walkers that were corralled at the lower gangway of the ship waiting to be loaded. Not a good sign . Oh well, it’s a full ship…with 3600 passengers, how many of those “vehicles” am I really going to encounter in the run of a day?? Time will tell!

So what caused the my 10% of fuss today, you ask? Well, a couple of things really. First off…there was a little issue with the way people flow through the buffet lines in the main buffet restaurant. It’s designed quite well, actually…IF PEOPLE WOULD USE IT THE WAY IT WAS DESIGNED TO BE USED!! Two identical lines of food options, each starting at opposite ends, and meet in the middle with 2 identical, side by side, big hunks of dead cow. So why is it, when there are about 2000 people in the buffet line do people have to go through the 2 lines as if they are 1?? And if you try to start at the end of the line and work your way towards the centre, akin to a salmon fishing upstream, you get all sorts of ugly looks and a lot of that aforementioned eye rolling. Don’t these people realize that they’ve already seen the cauliflower au gratin, the whipped potatoes and the pork ribs? Does none of this stuff look at all familiar? Are they not feeling that overwhelming sense of “buffet deja-vu”? I was thisclose to climbing up on the salad bar and broadcasting some buffet guidelines to these people. They may as well learn early…or it’s gonna be a looong 20 days!!!

And as if that wasn’t enough food related hub-bub, we went down to our table for dinner tonight expecting to find the nice, cosy table for 2 that I requested, only to find a table for 10. Far cry from 2, let me tell you. We have always requested a table for 2 and this is the first time we haven’t gotten one. I mean really…you’d think if they couldn’t accommodate a table for 2 they might have bumped us up to a 4 top instead. But 10…that’s just waaaay too much socializing for me!! Off we trotted to the Maitre D who quickly relocated us to a nice, cozy, antisocial table for 2. Happy, happy, happy. We do have an American couple who have the table thisclose beside us. Me thinks that they may be contributing to the Fuss Budget in days to come.

With such an early start to the day, it means that we just don’t have the energy for a late night tonight. I did have 20 minutes for the requisite visit to the roulette table. Long enough to double my $40 to $80.

Hang on to your hat…things are going to be heating up…in more ways than one!!!
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Interesting that you always get a table for 2...I've been on cruises where our table mates were one of the highlights on the cruise and another where they were the absolute worst. It's a crap shoot, so I guess better safe than sorry. Or you could be using up your entire "fuss budget" on the evening meal alone!


Hi Katrina: We have had wild weather here...we are on the island and it is blowing up lots of high waves,not to mention freezing! Enjoy your long cruise...cant's wait to read all your stories!


Katrina you are too funny. I am laughing out loud picturing you giving everyone lessons at the Buffet Line up. Enjoy.


OMG to friggin funny. You up on the buffet table, those people can't handle the truth. Eat in the lovely restaurants and have someone wait on You and avoid the buffets all together! That will fix Them. You could use a drink, relax You are on vacation.

Doreen Tait

Love to read your slant on thinks your "bark is worse than your bite"! Enjoy & pace yourself at future buffet lines!!