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Friday, October 02, 2015
Eleuthera, Out Islands, Bahamas
I’ve realized something today…we live in a Goldilocks world. Okay, maybe I shouldn’t be that broad. How about this…people on this ship live in a Goldilocks world. And maybe that’s not totally accurate either. How about I just speak for myself…I live in a Goldilocks world…especially when I’m on this ship. Picture this…90+ degrees, cloudy, the odd rain shower (but it’s a warm rain). I’m sitting on the upper deck from the pool, cause lounge chairs at pool level are akin to hen’s teeth. No worries, I can walk down when the mood to dunk myself in heavily chlorinated water strikes me. And how do I know it’s heavily chlorinated, you ask? Well, because the pink bleed on my pristine white tank top from my pink bikini top underneath tells it all! But I digress… So it’s a hot, hot day and I tell myself “if only it was cooler, it would be just right”. Then the rain starts, and with it comes a wave of cold air. Wow, it’s darn near chilly now, “if only the sun would come out, it would warm up”. And then it does…but it becomes unbearably hot. So like the three bear’s porridge, my day was spent either too hot, or too cold…it was never just right. But one thing for sure…Papa Bear would be real happy with our bed. It’s quite firm, but oh so comfortable.

Today’s Fuss Budget was about 15% . This morning I wanted to tell this woman that being elderly doesn’t entitle you to be rude to the staff. She approached one of the workers in the buffet and asked using that tone, you know the one I mean, “Is there any place where I can go to serve myself hot coffee…or do I have to wait for someone to serve it to me cold?” Really?? Necessary?? I think not!

Thankfully not all the oldies on the ship are like that woman. For instance, when I was following behind Mr. and Mrs. Magoo in the hallway for the entire length of the ship. They offered to let us pass, but the gracious person that I am told them “No worries, we’re not in any hurry to get anywhere.”

And then…I was all primed up with my perfect seat to watch The Sound of Music Sing Along. It is basically Karaoke on steriods. I’d seen it once before, many years ago. I couldn’t wait to belt out a few chorus’s of My Favourite Things and How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria . I found a spot way up high. Away from the crowds. And then, five minutes before it’s scheduled to start, 2 women take up the chairs beside me. And from straight from the opening credits they started…yadda, yadda, yadda…blah, blah, blah…incessant chatter. As much as I wanted to give them a piece of my mind, or at the very least, a stern glare…I took the high road, and relocated.

I got back to my cabin this afternoon to find an invitation to the jewellery shop for a raffle and free champagne. Well, most of you know…I LOVE FREE! Off we go and arrive in the nick of time. The raffle drawing was scheduled for 5:30…I arrived at 5:27. Missed the champagne entirely, but did get a ticket for the drawing. And much to my surprise…I was 1 number off on the draw…I think that bodes well for things to come! And it did...MORE than doubled my money in the casino tonight...turned $25 into $60!
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