The weather started getting rough

Saturday, October 10, 2015
Pinar del Rio, Cuba
Another sea day today and a bit of a sad day all around. First of all, I was 2 numbers off the jackpot bingo which went on N35, leaving me waiting on N34 and B11. The prize was $3500. Didn't have the lucky undies on today! And fortunately we didn't have a replay of the last cruise where I got into it with another passenger over seats. I made sure I sat somewhere that I couldn't entice a confrontation. I didn't need, nor want, the bad juju. Oh well, they'll do it all again in 10 days time...and maybe with a little pair of lucky pink plaid undies, I may walk away with the jackpot.

And tonight we said goodbye to our table mates in the dining room . Well, they weren't really our table mates, cause we both had tables for 2. But they were right beside us and we rather enjoyed our evening chats with Ron and Betty (I thought her name was Helen, maybe that's her alias!). They are from North Carolina, and we had some entertaining discussions about American politics over the past few days, as well as exchanging lots of ideas and tips on cruising and the different cruise lines. They are avid Celebrity and Royal Caribbean clients.

It's so hard to believe we are headed back to Fort Lauderdale where we'll spend the day, disembark a whack of people, replace them with a whack of new people and head out again for 5 new ports of call and 1 repeat. It's going to be a relaxing evening sitting outside, watching the lightning flash all around us. There's no rain and the heat has finally subsided to a point where we can actually enjoy the balcony. Life is good!

Today's Fuss Budget is about 50% and all about the "ups and downs" of life onboard. I've been too nice for too long's time for a rant. And today's rant is about ELEVATOR ETIQUETTE. Or, as is most appropriate on this ship...the LACK there of! First of all, I GET that many people on this ship have mobility issues. But you know what? I think alot of people on board this ship would see their overall health situation improved...with a little exercise. I'm not saying they should be hoofin' it up 13 decks ...but would ONE deck kill you? There are close to 4000 passengers on this vessel and half again of crew...but the crew don't count, cause they don't use the passenger elevators. There are 4 banks of elevators with a minimum of 4 at each one...with one bank having 6. Yet, you can NEVER get an elevator. We usually walk, and only when we're going 4 or more decks do we wait for a ride. And there is always a crowd on every car. I particularly love it when we are traveling up from Deck 7 to Deck 16 where the lunch buffet is. The car stops at Deck 15, and you know it's jam packed because it's stopped at every deck, and you can hear the people waiting complain about how they've been waiting forever for an elevator...they squeeze on, go up one floor, and get off. REALLY! Today I was particularly perturbed. When I get on the elevator I step to the back, making room for as many others as possible. This usually means that I'm far away from the floor selection panel. Proper elevator etiquette dictates that whomever is beside the panel ensures that everyone's floor number gets pressed. Well, today I boarded on Deck 16 with a glass of lemonade in one hand and my beach bag over the opposite shoulder. I went straight to the back of the bus. Another woman got on and insisted on staying by the number panel. I asked in my polite voice (yes, I do have one!) "11 please"...and what did she do? Nothing! She didn't press anything. Another person reached around her and pressed my number for me. Don't get in the driver's seat if you don't want to steer the bus!!

And don't get me going on the proper way to offload a jam packed elevator. Why is it that people refuse to step out of the elevator to let those behind them get out? Do they really think the doors will be closed before they can reboard? I always step off with my arm across the elevator doors so they stay open allowing those getting off to clear and then I get back on. It really isn't rocket science...but some...people...are...just...plain...stunned!

And tomorrow...a boatload of about 2000 new passengers to break in, aside from the 1500 or so who are staying on with us. New grist for the mill...
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Maybe you could get hired by one of the cruise lines to teach cruise ship etiquette courses. And they should be mandatory on the first day, just like the life boat drills. Could be a whole new line of work for you. Oh and then if you catch people breaching the etiquette rules you could ticket them. The etiquette police!


Love that idea...buffet etiquette, elevator etiquette...there's a need...definitely a need!!


Kirby and I just had a laugh at your elevator rules! I remember when we were planning our trip to Disney..we had an entire book of things to know and etiquette. perhaps you could write a book for people who are going on cruises! You really do have a knack for writing! Love your blog!! We are heading for Vegas this Saturday coming!