The tiny ship was tossed

Sunday, October 11, 2015
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
It's out with the old and in with the new! It seems that more than half of the passengers disembarked today in Port Everglade and a whole new group boarded. Just when I was making some headway training them all on proper elevator and buffet procedures!!

We had a great day today in Fort Lauderdale . We took advantage of a great service called the Sun Trolley. For a buck a ride, or $3 for a day pass, you can travel all around the 5 different routes that are offered. Being a Sunday, there was limited service, but we were able to do some retail therapy. There just isn't any shopping to speak of in these third world countries. With the exception of high end jewellery shopping in St. Thomas and Aruba, there is little else to buy.

We traveled to the Galleria Mall and checked out a few shops, crossed the street to my favourite Florida grocery store, Publix, and then returned to the port area and found a Ross Dress for Less, Walgreens and a Dollar Tree. Now THAT's where you can really do some retail therapy!

I did make one purchase today at the mall in a store called Brookstone. I bought a "selfie stick". I debated long and hard about purchasing one of those damn things, but you stupid as they look, they are certainly useful and I plan on getting lots of great shots with it on future trips . Especially the UK, Shelley and Kim!!

As the old saying goes "everything that's old is new again" and that goes for the food in the dining room. Luckily I enjoyed all the menus on the first 10 days as it seems they are going to repeat themselves this time around. So all those things that I particularly liked, I can have again. And there was only 1 night that I struggled to find something that sounded good.

A very enjoyable day all around, but it's hard to believe that we're half way through...but then, alot of the people we cruised with last week are half way's not so bad after all.

And the Fuss Budget...a mere 5%...and that was chalked up to a little something that I observed while traveling on the Sun can't even be attributed to any of the cruise passengers...although these 2 old girls would fit right in with the cruising mentality. We stopped at an intersection behind a Sun Trolley from a different route. Two old girls got off the trolley in front of us and indicated that they wanted to transfer to ours. Do you think they could walk the 25 feet from the front trolley to the back trolley? You know the answer to that...don't you?? Nope!! They waved to the driver who had to wait for the front trolley to pull away, and then he advanced the few feet to pick them up. OMG...need I say more.

Two more relaxing sea days before our ports of call start up again. Good weather in the forecast...cold drinks in the mini fridge...and a good supply of snacks from the grocery store. All's right with the world!!
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You may need to ply me with copious quantities of alcohol before hauling out that selfie stick!

Doreen tait

Very familiar with the Galleria mall in Fort Lauderdale... Love "Rossinie's" as well...always find good buys!! Publix (David called it pubics) is mainly groceries! You're right about the yachts of the rich & to take a tour on the intercoastal water taxis if you have time