The Minnow would be lost, the Minnow would be lost

Tuesday, October 13, 2015
St. Francois, Florida, Guadeloupe
Yet another sea day today, but thankfully this is the last one for a while as we have 5 ports of call coming up. Looking forward to getting on dry land again. Last cruise we focused on Movies Under the Stars and this cruise it's Production shows. It was formal night tonight. A necessary evil on these cruise ships if you like eating in the dining room as we do. I get all dressed in my best "bib and tucker", go down to eat and then high tail it back to the cabin and back into comfy clothes again.

Slot tournament day today ...had the lucky undies on and was able to win my session. It was a small group in my heat...just 3 of us in total. I won...big prizes for that at all. Especially when my winning score put me at #29 in the standings. No chance of winning today.

The Fuss Budget was a bit high today, but ended up dropping in the afternoon. Probably went from around an 80% down to about 20%. Why, you ask. Well, let's put it this way..."have you been told today?"...cause I sure have. It seems I was being "told" at every turn. Not told off though...just told. It's all in relation to that damn internet. The bain of my existence on a cruise ship. This cruise we are on is actually 2 cruises back to back, each 10 days, making up a 20 day cruise. My loyalty level on the ship entitles me to 250 free internet minutes for every cruise that is 8-20 days in length. As has always been the case in my past back to back cruises, when one segment ends, your unused internet minutes are erased and you are provided with a new allotment at the commencement of the next segment . So on Sunday, our change over day from segment 1 to segment 2, I was expecting the internet to be shut down and restarted with a brand new bank of minutes. Nope. There I was on Sunday with 17 minutes. Let me tell you, I was using them sparingly. Maybe Monday it'll get straightened out? Nope. So off I trotted last evening to see the Captain Circle hostess about my loyalty benefits. Nope, she tells me. You booked your cruise as one segment, not 2 separate cruises, so only 1 allotment of minutes. I tried to explain that I've always been given the additional minutes before. Nope...not our policy. Off I trot to the Passenger Services desk. Same story, same answer. I put it in writing this time to be bumped "upstairs" to "head office". So today it began early in the a.m. The Passenger Services desk called to give me that same ole song and dance...not our policy...booked as one cruise...only one allotment of minutes...BUT...if you go see the Internet Manager he will sell you some minutes at a discounted price. Okay...I need them...may as well get a discount. I meet with him...get the same story...not our policy...booked as one cruise...only one allotment. He says "but you still have 8 minutes left. When you use those minutes, buy 200 more at the price of $99 and then come see me and I will discount you $50. Off I go to burn off 8 minutes. Won't take long...oh...about 8 minutes, I predict. My minutes are used, I'm kicked off the internet and told to log in again. I do...and what do I see...the option for 250 more free minutes as a loyalty benefit. Sign me up! I stop back in my cabin shortly thereafter and what do I find? A lengthy message from the Captain Circle Hostess explaining how she took my comments "upstairs" to "head office"...and they were adamant it was not their policy....I booked it as one cruise...I only get one allotment of minutes. Sorry, she added. I've since had another call or 2 from the Internet Manager...but I'm afraid I'm too busy to take his calls. It's my policy to only speak to people once about an issue...I have an allotment of one meeting per person...I'd kick it "upstairs" to my "head office", but I know they'd support my decision to avoid further discussion. But I may pop down to visit a couple of these folks before I leave the ship next week...just to say "LEFT HAND...MEET RIGHT HAND"!!!
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So bottom line? You got your free minutes unbeknownst to those trying to thwart you? Way to go, Mrs Howell!