The Millionaire and his wife

Sunday, October 18, 2015
Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands US
We were back to St. Thomas again today, and because we've already been once on this cruise, we just stuck around the pier. It's funny how things can only 2 weeks. On our last visit, the taxi fare from the pier to downtown was $4/person and now it's up to $5. There was free wifi on the pier 2 weeks it's been removed. I found a nice little bar called the WinMill and with the purchase of a $2 beer, you got free wifi. You just KNOW where I spent a few hours before returning to the ship and our balcony for the remainder of the day.

The Fuss Budget was up to 30% today . Why? Well, I have 3 words for you...people, people, people. It takes all kinds. Like the lady I saw at breakfast this morning. We'll call her Mrs. Eggs. She's 80 if she's a day and she managed to get herself through the buffet line and was back to her table which she shared with another 80 something woman. She'd picked up a fried egg and then proceeded to mash it, beat it, and stir it until it resembled what can only be described as...scrambled egg. Now, I so wanted to ask her why she just didn't pick up the already scrambled eggs on the buffet line. But really...not my circus...not my monkeys! Then we have Mr. Pancake. He has to be in his 70's, and he's in front of me at the pancake spot. There are 2 kinds of pancakes...plain and raisin. Pretty want raisins, or you don't. You really can't maybe you take one of each? Either way...PICK SOMETHING! And lastly, this afternoon I used the new on-line system to purchase our Future Cruise Credits. It's brand new as of a week ago and is meant to facilitate the purchase of future cruise credits without having to make a trip to the on board consultant. It annoys me when I use the new system, find it quite straightforward, and yet the human element screws up with the processing of the payments. I STILL had to make a trip down to the consultant, but she assured me she corrected it.

Our time is coming to a close. One more sea day and one more port of call. It'll be over before I know it.
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