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Wednesday, October 21, 2015
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Everything's been smooth. We were early disembarking. We were early getting to the airport. We were early departing Fort Lauderdale, and therefore, early arriving in Toronto. We also got the good news that you no longer have to retrieve your bags when clearing Customs. So instead of waiting for an hour for our bags and then dragging them to the connections area and dropping them on the belt, we just had to clear Customs and then leave the secure area to re-enter again up one level. Sounds easy, doesn't it? But nothing's as easy as it sounds. Up we go to the security check point for connections. There are about 10 people in 2 lines. The boarding pass "scan girl" says "you'll have to go up one level cause we are at capacity here". Up we go...and then, right there in the concourse area, the wheels fall off. And in a big way. There is a line halfway across the terminal trying to get through security. We proceed to do an about face and return to where we first were and tell "scan girl" that the line up on the upper level is re-farkin-diculous. She's not deterred. Nothing she can do, she says. They're at "capacity", she says. Now what EXACTLY does that mean? Does that mean that they don't have ENOUGH of a backlog there, so let's add to the incredible backlog up on level 3? Cause that's what I think she means. And really, when you think about that the airport has gotten it's proverbial head out of it's ass about reclaiming your bags to drag them past a CBSA member so that you can then return it to the baggage belt again, why don't they take the next logical step. Instead of herding you back through the public area after clearing Customs, let you proceed to your next gate all within the secure side of the airport. I mean, really, that would alleviate the strain on the already stretched CATSA personnel. But who am I really...just someone who travels a fair bit. What would I know??

So now we get through the incredibly long line at security. We proceed to the gate that was announced for our connecting flight, and of course you know, it is the absolute furthest gate from security. We no sooner arrive at D43 than we see that our gate as been D33. Back we go from whence we came. But it doesn't end there...our flight is now delayed. And delayed again.

We will get home tonight. No worries there. But needless to say...the Fuss Budget is high today...way high!
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If only they could eliminate the travel part of travel! Maybe when we visit Hogwarts we'll learn to disapparate!! Or we'll find a port key!