It's all about the clues...about the clues

Monday, March 21, 2016
Quispamsis, New Brunswick, Canada
Thirty-seven days and counting.  There's nothing left to do now...and this time I mean it!  I know I said that last time, but since then I've made a few shifts to the Dublin schedule and freed up a whole day to add a couple of new sites.  We've got to satisfy Shelley's "ghoulish" side.

The only excitement for me now is taunting Shelley and Kim with clues on the surprise I have booked for them on May 2nd .  So far the clues are as follows:

1)  The "where" is just as interesting as the "what";
2)  It has something to do with a book;
3)  Then there was a "doctored" photo of what may be the building where the surprise is housed;
4)  Everyone has pecadilloes...or is it Piccadilly's?;
5)  Will you need both hands to do this...or will fingers do?

There are 2 more Monday's before Shelley departs on her Cotswold walk, so that means 2 more clues.  Then there will be nothing left but waiting for the day.  So far the guesses have been miles away from the "surprise", but with today's clue they might get into the right ballpark.  They are dubious about the quality of their clues.  But as I tell them...when the surprise is revealed, then each and every clue will be self evident.

As our departure time approaches there has to be SOME way to amuse myself.  The fact that it's driving my fellow travelers crazy is just a fun coincidence!
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Never knew you had such a sadistic side.


Like I said in clue #4...we all have our pecadilloes!!