The Three Amigos

Wednesday, April 06, 2016
Quispamsis, New Brunswick, Canada
I know I’ve bored you all senseless with the ennui involved in the planning of our trip. So here we are 3 weeks out and what have I got left to talk about? Well, I just realized that although I’ve inundated you with planning details, I haven’t told you much of anything about my travel companions. It is now time to correct that. And to do that, I’ve dug out Troop 21’s Reunion Book that was created for our 20th Anniversary in August of 2006. In it are questionnaires that were completed prior to the reunion. I thought I’d share them here with you all.
Even though all my faithful readers know more than enough about me…to ensure transparency, AND more importantly, my safety… .so that my fellow travellers don’t lynch me upon clamping eyes on me…I’m stepping up and revealing my own answers first. 

Nickname (Now, then, both): Katrina Martina Juanita Carmelia Sanchez (then), Kat (now)

Who was your “pit partner”: Lori L

Where were you posted upon Graduation: Toronto Federal Enforcement Section

Where are you now:Ottawa Criminal Intelligence Directorate, enroute to J Div, Saint John, Fundy Integrated Intellligence Unit

Where were you in between: London, Ont; Summerside, PEI; Toronto, Ont; London, Ont; (thought I was destined to go to all postings twice for awhile, then broke the curse by going to Ottawa)

Family? Spouse? Kids?: Common law spouse – Kier. No kids, no pets (not responsible enough for either)
Hobbies, interests: traveling, reading

Proudest Achievement in the past 20 years: being a bone marrow donor, running the Disney ½ marathon

Most embarrassing moment(s) of the past 20 years: I left the washroom, enroute to court in a skirt and blazer with the skirt tucked into the back of my pantyhose…it doesn’t only happen on tv. My alternate is my embarrassment for my cadet…we got a call from a woman who relayed that she was afraid of her husband . She was in the barn when her husband got annoyed, grabbed a shovel and struck a pig. He turned to her and said “If you don’t smarten up, you’ll be next”…my cadet said “Why would the man want his wife to hit the pig too?”

Fondest/funniest memory from training: the day we wore our “cruising coats” to drill, and Edie, my bed partner, sitting on her bed naked “airing out” her body.

Worst memory from training: public speaking in French
Troopmates you’ve stayed in touch with: Lori, Barb, Shelley, and Kim

 Who are you most anxious to see? Why?: Val H, cause we lived across the street during language training, and worked together briefly in Toronto…only seen her once since then in 1999 at a conference in Toronto.
Plans for retirement: I’ll retire the day after the 2010 Olympics end and enjoy a life of working part time at jobs I really enjoy, doing lots of volunteer work, and travel…lots of travel.

How do you see yourself at 80: living in a senior facility with my cousin, still as independent as ever. (Kier always says that I’m going to outlive him! Although it’s a shame, cause he’s certainly go more energy than I do now.)

Quote, saying, proverb or adage that gets you through the day: “Everything happens for a reason”.

Who was your “pit partner”: Lesley
Where were you posted upon Graduation: Prince George, BC
Where are you now: Port Alberni, BC
Where were you in between: My only 2 postings (and yes, after 15 years in one spot, staffing has finally found me .)
 Family? Spouse? Kids?: Divorced, 1 daughter (Kendal, age 11), 1 dog (Toby), 2 budgies (Phoebe and Johnny), 3 mice (Edgar, Chloe and Norman Bates), and 2 tanks of fish whom shall remain nameless (even though they do have names).
Hobbies, Interests: Cross stitch, bird watching, gardening, travel, camping, watching Johnny Depp movies, cleaning up after the kid and critters.
Proudest achievement in the past 20 years: Putting away the bad guy for the brutal sexual assault/murder of an 11 year old girl.
Worst memory from training: AA’s (Attitude Adjustments) in swimming
Troopmates you’ve stayed in touch with: Sporadically with Katrina and Karen

Who are you most anxious to see? Why?: All you guys cause I’m sure we’re all still as young and gorgeous as we were in training.
Plans for retirement: Clean my house. Raise my kid. Write my books
How do you see yourself at 80: Still young and gorgeous
Quote, saying, proverb or adage that gets you through the day: Not printable in a family type newsletter.

Nickname (then, now or both): Kimmie-Lou (then)
Who was your “pit partner”: I should remember this…Corinne S?
Where were you posted upon Graduation: Mississauga
Where are you now: Left the RCMP after graduation. Now an area manager for Alberta Correctional Services (Probation).
Where were you in between: Various places in Alberta
Family? Spouse? Kids?: Married Guy in between Montreal and Depot . 3 boys, ages 8, 13 and 16

Hobbies, interests: Reading, traveling, skiing
Proudest achievement in the past 20 years: Sailing with 2 small children in the Virgin Islands, finally building our dream house at the lake.
Most embarrassing moment(s) of the past 20 years: Too many to count
Fondest/funniest memory from training: ½ way party; Quebec Carnival trip; ordering pizza
Worst memory from training: Failing my driving test
Troop Mates you’ve stayed in touch with: Katrina, Barb and Elaine
Who are you most anxious to see? Why?: I am anxious to see everyone. What an awesome group of women!
Plans for retirement: What??? I am too young to retire.
How do you see yourself at 80: Active, traveling and enjoying grandchildren
Quote, saying, proverb or adage that gets you through the day: Don’t let the bastards get you down!
Additional Comments: My office covers the Mayerthorpe area and we worked with the four officers kills in 2005. I closed our office the day of the national ceremony in Edmonton and my entire staff attended. I know some of 21 Troop were there, marching in red serge. I was proud to have been part of that group and proud of the things you have all accomplished as police officers. I was so thankful that we have not lost anyone from our troop – making this reunion all the more important.


It was interesting reading through these responses from ten years ago. My how times have changed! But what hasn’t changed is that all 3 of us included reading and travel as hobbies. And now that my friends have solved the mystery of my “surprise”, I can tell you that our love of books will be incorporated into our agenda when we go to Waterstone’s at Piccadilly for Afternoon Tea. Now, for those that aren’t familiar, Waterstone’s is reported to be the largest bookstore in Europe, and it has a café on the top floor. Books and food! Doesn’t get any better than that!!

Three weeks tonight Kim and I will be meeting up in Pearson airport before heading across the pond to meet Shelley. It won’t be long now.
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Had I known this was going to be published I would have made my answers more interesting. We'll have to revisit these questions over a few pints. And I found this booklet during the great February house purge -- it didn't survived the cut.


After all my hard work putting it together back in 2006...and you tossed it?? I had to hunt for my copy...finally found it!