It takes a village

Tuesday, April 26, 2016
Quispamsis, New Brunswick, Canada
It takes a village to prepare me for a trip…well, as long as that village includes the ITunes Store, the Polysporin company, and especially my friend Dr. Patti, who looks after all my foot blister needs. I remember the days when I decided to take a holiday; I booked the holiday; and I went on the holiday. Now that we’re much more technologically advanced, so is my whole process of travel preparation. I’ve been eight months combing the Internet looking for seat sales, discounts, group rates, and bargains. I’ve planned out the shortest routes to go from venue to venue. I’ve found tons of interesting and neat places to eat, see, visit and drink. And the last few days have been spent with the essentials…downloading movies for my return flight from Dublin (because Air Canada Rouge has a sucky entertainment system…a sucky, sucky entertainment system)…stockpiling the Compeed bandages that I need to cure my current rash of blisters…and gathering up the special tapes that will prevent further blistering during our daily treks.

Oh, and those days when it was so easy to take off on a holiday?? I was much younger then . I wasn't plagued with foot blisters. Deciding on the right footwear wasn't a 2 week process. I didn't anticipate the need for normal clothes and "fat clothes". My toiletries bag didn't hold any number of pain relief capsules, ointments, glasses...several pairs of glasses. I need bifocals, reading glasses, plus some sunglasses. So much for carefree travel!

Then there’s the day of device charging. Well, it’s actually been 2 days. There’s IPad charging (x2), IPod charging (x2), plus the camera, selfie stick, portable keyboard, the handheld GPS for any impromptu geocaching, a portable battery supply, and FitBit. Now that the suitcase is zipped up and the carry on is packed, I’m waiting to do my 24hour advance online check in. It’s not really necessary as neither of my flights tomorrow are sold out, so there’s no risk of being in an oversold position. I’ve already preselected my seats and treated myself to an exit row for the long haul from Toronto to Heathrow. The meeting place for Kim and I in Heathrow has been selected. As has the location where we’ll meet Shelley in Paddington Station upon arrival.

There’s nothing left but to basque in the excitement of what will unfold over the next 2 weeks. We’ve got everything on the agenda from Castles to Crypts, history and magic, the Royals and the not-so-royals, with lots of great food and drink sprinkled throughout.

Only one more sleep till departure!

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Sounds like you thought of absolutely everything! Enjoy..looking forward to hearing about your blisters and adventures!


Yeah, bring it! But I'm a little concerned about the dual iPads and iPods -- please tell me one is for a certain someone at home.


I'm hoping for more adventures, less blisters from this point on, Susan!


And, yes Shelley, the IPad's need to be able to "talk" to one another!