With a Little Help From My Friends

Thursday, May 05, 2016
Liverpool, United Kingdom
It’s been an action packed 1.5 days in Liverpool and with all things Beatles. We started yesterday with the Beatles Story and the British Invasion exhibit. It was followed today with a ½ day private Beatles tour around Liverpool and finished off with a 1 hour walking tour around the Cavern Quarter. I have now been fully immersed and educated on the Beatles. How much I will retain…well…remains to be seen.
The highlight of the trip for me was when we went to the British Invasion exhibit. Not because I was particularly enamoured with that exhibit, but because of what stemmed from a simple request for advice. As is my habit when traveling, if someone is particularly helpful, I bestow upon them a small token of my appreciation. I carry multiple Mountie pins and tchotchke for just such a purpose. So, the 2 fellows that provided us assistance each got a little Mountie zipper pull. We proceeded through the exhibit and to our surprise they met us at the end and provided us each with a souvenir penny from the Beatles Story. But the best part was what came next. A new exhibit called “George, Eric and Me” was due to open the following day. It is a collection of photographs by Pattie Boyd depicting her relationships with George Harrison and Eric Clapton. Our new friends asked if we’d like to be the first members of the public to view the exhibit. We were all over that! FIRST and FREE! Two of my favourite things! For me, it was the best part of that first day in Liverpool by far. It’s just amazing what doors a Mountie trinket can open!!
And when my final review goes in next week on "the best of the best" of our trip, yesterday will get an honourable mention for the day we laughed the most. I lost count of how many times I almost wet myself. We were total tourists wandering around town on Wednesday evening taking obscure photos. I can't figure out why I'm usually the one doing the wacky pose. Guess Kim and Shelley have figured out that I can't resist a dare!
Tomorrow we say goodbye to Kim who heads back to London for the night before continuing on home. Shelley and I head on to Ireland. We’ll miss you Kimmie. The rest of the trip won’t be the same without you! It's been a long and winding road...but we had a blast!
Look out Dublin…here we come!!
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Who says you are not photogenic? Love the one of you with the statues.