Two false starts and a pit stop

Tuesday, June 24, 2014
Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
Today is the big day! Only two days later than we anticipated. An unexpected knee injury and the prospect of someone subletting our room for the summer made getting our room unpacked and organized a necessity and a challenge. Lew was the sweetest, and tolerated me ordering him around. We were all packed when we realized we forgot towels (all good travelers know your towel is your greatest travel asset), so back to the house we went. After heading out again, we realized we didn't have little Lola's collar, so back again we went. We still can't find her collar :/. Finally on the road to my parents house, except for the pit stop at work and the pharmacy, we're on our way. My poor parents were looking forward to a 2.5 day visit with us, they're getting one. Hopefully they'll forgive us.
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