A tunnel, friends, a restaurant, and a camp site

Thursday, June 26, 2014
New York City, New York, United States
We left Batavia, NY for New York City around 11am. The directions claimed that it was a six hour drive. We were hoping to meet our friends between 6 and 6:30. The drive in was pretty uneventful, and quite pretty in general; rolling "mountains," and forested valleys lined the highway through New York and Pennsylvania.

We reached Lincoln Tunnel in New Jersey around 6:15pm, our GPS said we had 5 miles left of our trip and it would take 22 minutes to arrive . I thought, well, that's no fun, but we can handle 22 minutes of traffic, right? Oh New York City, how I love you, and how I hate you. An hour and a half later we finally arrived at our destination: a charming restaurant in the West Village, with convenient semi-outdoor seating so Lola could be tied up to the railing and enjoy some water and barking at the passing dogs while we enjoyed our meal. I had the most delicious gnocchi I've ever had, Lewis had a delightful skirt steak. The best part was getting to spend a couple of hours with Nigel Scott-Williams and Luke McTighe. Two great friends representing two very different denizens of New York City. Both are kind and funny, and totally in love with New York City, as they should be. We hoped to walk to a nearby cafe for dessert and coffee and more conversation, but the combination of 90 degree weather, one cafe being closed and having to walk several more blocks to get to another (me and crutches are not pedestrian friendly), we decided to call it a night a little early.

Off Lewis and I headed to Liberty Harbor RV park in Jersey City, New Jersey. It boasted beautiful views of the harbor and the statue of Liberty, clean bathrooms and a number of tent sites (reservations were made and paid for before the infamous knee injury, getting into/out of a tiny tent is surprisingly difficult when you can't put weight on one leg). The reality of our camp site was a little removed from the description. There indeed were clean bathroom facilities, literally three feet from our tent, separated by just a sidewalk, which is convenient for accessing the bathroom, not so convenient for sleeping when giant floodlights working on motion sensors are directed into your tent. Also less convenient was the "gym" that opened at 6am with the blasting of rap music. This was definitely one of the more interesting camping experiences I've ever had. Next stop: Baltimore.
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