Four states and an awesome weekend

Friday, June 27, 2014
Nottingham, Maryland, United States
We left our little campground in New Jersey pretty early Friday morning. Our first stop was a Starbucks, so Lewis could have coffee and I could charge my laptop and usurp the WiFi for a few hours for work. From there we stopped for some New York bagels (in New Jersey), they were almost as good, still better than what we get in Cincinnati. I love bagels. so. much. But I digress. We decided to take the scenic route (which seems to be the theme of this trip so far) and drive along the Jersey Shore before cutting over to Delaware on our way to Baltimore (the greater Baltimoreland area, I don't think that's really a thing, but I have to tease Linda just a little bit). The shore in New Jersey was beautiful, and we traveled through some pretty fancy places. You could see where houses were recently repaired, or still boarded up from hurricane Sandy. We probably would have tarried longer, but the public beach didn't allow dogs, so on we went.

We hit traffic in Delaware and decided to exit the highway and find another scenic route . We mostly found industry and a prison, but tucked in between the two was a single lane bridge like an oasis with water flowing and trees and rushes swaying in the breeze. It was a lovely little reprieve. As we sat there we remembered that our good friend Michael Wilkins lived in Delaware, although we only had a vague idea of where in Delaware that might be (Wilmington was our guess). So we called him up, and he gave us his grandparents address. Turns out we were just a 10 minute drive from where we were! So we stopped by and visited for a bit, we had the good pleasure of meeting his grandfather, his mother, his father, his little brother, and his cousin.

It took us about an hour to arrive in Nottingham, Maryland; home to the Digginses (as Lewis affectionately calls them). They treated us to a lovely dinner, comfortable chairs to sit in, and wonderful conversation. After a delicious Sabbath brunch we headed to church in Columbia. The congregation was welcoming and friendly. We spent Saturday evening at the Diggins' home for dinner, guitar playing, singing, and conversation.

After the Diggins generously packed our little cooler with food we headed down the road.

P. S. The fourth state was Pennsylvania, we crossed over the border briefly.
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