Raleigh, storms, and busted knees in the Carolinas

Sunday, June 29, 2014
Raleigh, North Carolina, United States
We arrived in Raleigh later than expected (as always, this has become a recurring theme), but Matthew and Kristin had dinner waiting for us; it was worth the wait, these two are excellent cooks, and they fed us well throughout this visit.

Upon our arrival I remembered that Matt and Kristin lived on the second floor of their apartment building, normally, no biggie, on crutches? Torture! I managed to make it up the stairs and proclaimed I would spend the remaining time in Raleigh on their couch, as I was not going to be able to go up the stairs again . I lied. I did spend much of our visit there in their living room; and it was a lovely visit. We played board games and card games and just talked. I love Matthew and I love Kristin. Our time together is never long enough.

Sometime after our arrival in Raleigh we noticed that there was a tropical storm headed toward the coast. Because of this storm we decided to extend our stay with Matt and Kristin, our next stop was supposed to be camping in South Carolina. We extended again when I finally got the order to have an MRI done on my knee. Until this time I'd been non-weight bearing on crutches, and I was excited to get the MRI done so they could tell me it was merely a sprain and I could get back to walking again. After much paperwork, and phone calls and various red tape obstacles the appointment was made for 5pm on Wednesday. The results were faxed to my doctor, and I was given a CD with the images on it. The next morning I called Dr. Schneider’s office to confirm they had received the fax (they had), and when I could expect them to be read (not that day) . I was told I wouldn’t find out until the following Monday since Friday was a holiday (they were wrong). My doctor called me that very evening while we were on our way to a museum and then some delicious BBQ for dinner. My hope for a simple sprain was dashed. I was informed that I had torn my ACL and my MCL, and there were some minor fractures to the bones, as well as some bruising. I believe that the torn tendons and the fractures were from two different incidences, both occurring at camp. Dr. Schneider said he was recommending surgery, but that will have to wait until we return to Ohio. I have an appointment already scheduled for August 11.

We left Raleigh early Friday morning and headed to South Carolina to visit my sister, Roxanne and her daughter Katy and two of her children, Zoe and Cameron. We had breakfast at IHOP and caught up with things going on in their life. I was sad to say goodbye to Zoe and Cameron, they are really great kids.
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