Cases, Critters, and Campers 2/52

Friday, December 30, 2016
Hekpoort, Gauteng, South Africa
We've arrived at the Sabbath during our time here at camp. I am indeed thankful for the rest. We have spent the last six days staying at camp Nelu. It's a beautiful farm surrounded by lush greenery and hazy mountains in the distance.

As you may have noticed in my first blog, we had a lot of luggage . We certainly didn't need all of it at camp, but it had already been repacked twice since we first left our home in Huntsville. I truly had no idea where anything was. We quickly grabbed what we though we would need and shoved it in our backpacks, and stored the rest at the home of Jason and Monique Webster. I'm so glad we were able to, but after a slip down a muddy hill on my backside, I was really wishing I had packed more clothes... such is the life at camp.

We stayed in cute little cabins all facing in toward a square, with the dining hall/everything room at one end and the pool in the center. It rained nearly everyday, but we managed to work in every activity regardless, a little schedule shuffle and we would soldier on (I need to take a moment to thank Jason Webster for doing such a phenomenal job at keeping everything moving when the unexpected would occur). The rains were actually welcome as they generally cooled things down significantly. It was warm and humid through most of the week . There were four or five horses that would wander around the camp chomping on grass as they want. They were beautiful creatures, and would often let you come up and stroke their faces. There were also several pigs/hogs (honestly I can't tell the difference) that ran around terrorizing the little dog (Vactor - sp?) that lives on the farm. There were also several cows, but I only ever saw one bull drinking from the dam. We were told to keep our windows shut because monkeys would wreak havoc on the rooms, but we never saw them.

We kept a busy schedule, and really pushed ourselves out of our comfort zones. There was the climbing wall, the giant swing, low ropes, swimming, soccer, newcomb ball, bush hike, zip line, bush art, dance, obstacle course, archery, rifelry, orienteering, mission impossible (a team building exercise), daily Compass Checks.

It was wonderful to get to know the 20 campers, their families, and the two staff members of Nelu.

We'll have a dance tomorrow night after the Sabbath.

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Katie Shabi

Too bad about the rain, but still sounds like a cool experience. Totally didn't realize it was actually summer there now. Hope it's not too hot!