Buzz of Death (12 of 52)

Sunday, March 12, 2017
Lilongwe, Eastern Province, Malawi
Monday night fell into the category of "Funny, not Funny." So, we're sitting around our living room (minus Lewis as he had a counseling session with a young man from the congregation) just before getting up to make dinner when the power went out (per usual). At this point Brennan heard a mosquito buzz by his head. I immediately thought I had left the bedroom window open. I ran in there with my trusty cell phone flashlight. I had indeed closed it, but returning to the living room I saw the shadow of another mosquito. Where were they coming from?!

Brennan remembered he had opened the kitchen window . It was well past sunset. We were afraid to check. Sure enough the kitchen windows were wide open. There was a literal swarm of these tiny, bloodsucking, buzzing, tyrants. We shut the door between our kitchen and living room while we contemplated our plan of attack... in the dark. Thankfully we had seen two geckos in the kitchen as well, so at least they would take care of some of them. We killed several mosquitoes that had escaped into the living room while we contemplated setting the kitchen on fire; what other choice did we have?

Lewis arrived home, and immediately Lewis arrived home. He braved the kitchen; we heard smacks against walls and counters and against other hands. I think he killed 30 mosquitoes.

It was a reminder that we must always remain vigilant; we can't ever be complacent when it comes to mosquitoes. The same could be said for our spiritual life; we can't ever become complacent, the consequences could be dire .

We have mail! You see, people had told us that they had sent us letters, but every day our box was empty. We tried talking with the folks at the post office. They relinquished two pieces, neither were ones we were expecting. They informed me we need to return with a receipt for the box.

I went and spoke with Joseph (the manager at the LifeNet's cafe and keeper of the key) and he said he would look into. Several days later Joseph showed up at our house with news of our missing mail. Apparently the fees for our box had not been paid for three years. This meant the mail was being held ransom until the back fees were paid. We also had to furnish incorporation papers for the church, Lewis's elder credentials, and a water bill. We finally received our missing pieces of mail; save one package. I expect getting mail will be easier going forward.

There's not much to report this week. We were mostly home working and recuperating from our several weeks of travel .

We're learning to care for our new pets, Peggy and Lil Nuggs (the doves/pigeons we were given in Zambia).

There were heavy rains in Lilongwe on Friday evening; the river was nearly doubled in size. It took out at least three footbridges (including the one behind our house); and several small structures along the bank. It was moving fast. We haven't heard of any casualties (besides the bridges), and hope it stays that way.

It was nice to be back in Lilongwe for services this week and see our brethren. The Kachali sisters again sang lovely special music and Lewis held a meeting with the men after services and discussed speaking and song leading and the possibility of having Spokesman's club. It seems like they had a good discussion ( it lasted nearly two hours).
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