Quiet preparation (15/52)

Sunday, April 02, 2017
Lilongwe, Northern Region, Malawi
It feels like ages since I've written a blog; though it's been just over a week.

We've been busily getting ready for the Passover and Days of Unleavened Bread, so it's been a bit quieter than usual; which is a nice change of pace .

So, besides the dreaded tyrant mosquitoes, the number of creepy crawlies has been pretty minimal; most centipedes and the occasional gecko. But Saturday morning held an unpleasant surprise. As I sat on our couch waiting for the rest of the house to finish getting ready and I glanced toward the wall only to see a giant spider just hanging out on the molding near the ceiling. Spiders don't generally bother me that much, unless they crawl on me... then we have a problem. Except this was seriously a huge spider. I hollered for Lewis to come save me; even he was disturbed by its size.

He went to the kitchen and grabbed a bug spray (neem oil mixture) and proceeded to spray that thing like crazy. It started to fall, but caught itself and scurried into the crack between the wall and our screen. You could see four of its fat legs hanging out of the crack. Lewis proceeded to smash that thing. When all of the sudden it shoots out of the crack and starts scurrying on four legs. Finally Lewis was able to smash it. It was disgusting. Smashing spiders isn't Lewis's favorite thing to do, so I'm glad he was willing to help me out.

The only other big excitement is that a water tower and tank is being built and installed on the church property here in Lilongwe. This means we'll have access to water even when the city puts us on rations. Next week promises to be more exciting as Victor and Beverly Kubik arrive on Monday and we'll be taking a trip to Chipata, Zambia.
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Kathleen Hansen

Okay, this spider is not just big, it's humongous!!! I hate spiders and I'm glad you had Lewis to kill it. Love your blog, I'm OCD about clean and no bugs so I doubt I could ever do what your doing, but I really admire you both for your effort and sharing it with us.

Sandy Abrell

I am with you , on the spider. Ugh! Love your pictures. Happy Sabbath and coming Holy Days. Praying , for all .hugs sandy