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Friday, May 12, 2017
Grand Junction, Colorado, United States
The GCE (General Conference of Elders) was in full swing on Sunday. Coming to Cincinnati is always so wonderful, in many ways it will always be home to us, and we have wonderful family and friends, so on top of our dear people to visit in Cincinnati, we also have hundreds of elders (and wives) to visit with, and there is just not enough hours to give quality time to all the people. It's a wonderful (and terrible) problem to have.

Early Tuesday morning Lewis and I boarded a flight for Grand Junction, CO (via Salt Lake City) to visit Lewis's grandmother, Nettie . She's a sweet woman who will be turning 89 at the end of the month.

What we didn't know, as we flew safely through the air, was that Grandma Nettie had fallen while out getting groceries and was being transported to the hospital. She arrived back at home five minutes before we showed up at her door. We are extremely grateful for the help that her church family gave before we arrived, and continue to give as she faces recovery. Lewis's cousin, Jazmine, arrived on Thursday and will be staying through Monday. We know that Nettie "crushed" her shoulder, but her elbow is also extremely bruised and swollen. She sees an orthopedic guy on Friday, just after we leave.

It was nice to spend some quality time with her and Jazmine.
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Nancy Corbett

I'm so glad that you had time with her. it was fun to see you and have time to talk at the GCE. Enjoy the rest of your trip.