The Retired Life (22a of 52)

Thursday, May 18, 2017
Woodland, Washington, United States
On Monday, May 15, Lewis and I hopped on a plane and flew from Seattle to Portland. We were going to visit my grandfather (George), and his wife, Louise.
They live in the quaint town of Ridgefield, WA. The town itself has remained relatively small and unchanged, but the outskirts of the town have exploded with home building. In the past 10 years hundreds of homes have been added, but walking in the actual town, you'd never know it.
We love visit Grandpa and Louise, we get to live like we're retired. Grandpa always puts us up at the Lewis River Inn in Woodland, Washington. The room has a lovely view of the river, especially in the morning when the mist roils along with the current. We generally wake up early so I can get a couple of hours of work done before we get the hotel breakfast. After breakfast we head to grandpa's and we work on puzzles and talk. We then go out to lunch (usually a diner), after we come back to their home and work on puzzles or read until about 4:00pm, at which point we go out to dinner. When we get back to the house we watch Jeopardy, and then we head out so Grandpa and Louise can get some rest.
We were able to visit several of our friends who live in the area in the evenings before heading back to the hotel.
Thursday we leave for Huntsville.
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