Sweet Home Alabama (22b of 52)

Sunday, May 21, 2017
Huntsville, Alabama, United States
We arrived at the airport in Portland, OR at 12:00pm (our flight was at 1:30pm), and settled in for lunch and a wait. Turns out our wait was longer than we anticipated. There was a problem with the bathroom of our airplane. So we sat for an additional 45 minutes. We finally get loaded... and we sat... again. It seems that after completing the work on the bathroom (and determining that it would just have to be out of order for our flight) that they forgot to fill out the log book; we had to wait for the maintenance team to return with the log book. Our 1.25 hour layover in Dallas was shrinking smaller and smaller. We were not entirely sure we'd make that second flight; and we were not the only ones. Several others on our flight were worried about missing a connection. The biggest problem with missing our next connection is that the next flight out to Huntsville wasn't until the next day, and we'd miss out on a day with the Dobson's and the rest of our brethren there in Alabama.
When we finally landed we were ten minutes after our flight was supposed to have left, so we ran (rode a train), and then ran some more. We made it to our gate as they were closing the doors. We were the last one's on. It was a relief to land in Huntsville, even if it was an hour later than anticipated.
David and Denise Dobson picked us up at the airport and hosted us for the weekend. We had an open house for people to drop by and see us Friday evening. Coming to Alabama is a little like coming home. We have built wonderful relationships with the three congregations we served for just over a year.
We had morning services on the Sabbath in Gadsden, Alabama. As always they hosted a fantastic potluck for lunch afterwards. Sitting in the dining room of their hall and hearing the chatter as everyone happily talked and ate warmed my heart. It was hard to give everyone one last hug before heading down the road to have services in Huntsville, Alabama. Huntsville hosted a dinner potluck after services, and again, the love we feel from our brethren there bolsters our spirits and warms our heart.
Sunday we head to Texas to visit my parents and sister.
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