The Great State of Texas (23a of 52)

Wednesday, May 24, 2017
Gladewater, Texas, United States
On Sunday morning we once again boarded a plane and headed out. We were flying back to Dallas for a brief layover on our way to Tyler (the closes airport to my family that lives in Gladewater). Like the rest of our trip the cold and rainy weather followed us. We were informed that just last week it was warm and sunny, I'm skeptical. Or truly the cold and rain is following us.
My mom and dad (Ron and Grace Disman) picked us up from airport and we went out to eat at Athena's Greek restaurant, and the food was phenomenal! If you end up in Tyler, Texas I recommend checking it out.
My sister and her husband and three kids live right next door to my parents (which is convenient for visiting!). This week was the last week my two nephews were in school, so there were a number of end of the year activities we got to attend. We saw my nephew, Blake's, end of year talent show. Then we got to see our other nephew, Riley's, end of year band concert as well as his awards ceremony. He's a smart kid, and received recognition in four different categories.
One of my favorite foods is menudo, a delicious, spicy soup made with tripe and hominy. If you've never had it, go find it. One of the things I love about Texas is you can find canned menudo in most stores (homemade is best, but the canned stuff is good in a pinch). I delightedly ate two big bowls of it. YUM! My sister doesn't share the same love of menudo as I; as evidenced by her face in the photo.
As always, our time is never long enough, and before we knew it we were driving to Dallas to catch our flight back to Cincinnati (via Miami).
As usual, our flight out of Dallas was delayed, but we had plenty of time to catch our flight in Miami, so we weren't too worried. Turns out we had no reason to be worried, as our flight out of Miami was delayed by several hours. Our 12 hours in Cincinnati slowly dwindled to about 10 hours (six of which was spent in much needed sleep). Unfortunately, on this trip I was exposed to allergens on multiple occasions, which turned into a sinus infection. Our flight from Dallas was extremely uncomfortable, with lots of pain in both of my ears; which only got worse on our flight from Miami to Cincinnati. Toward the end of the flight, as we were descending I felt a pop, and the pain went away in my ear, right along with my hearing. I'm fairly certain I burst an eardrum. After doing some research, it seems there isn't much to be done for a burst eardrum other than keeping it clean and dry, and allowing it to dry on it's own. Not the ideal end to our trip, but it could definitely be worse.
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