Day at sea heading to Stockholm

Saturday, May 04, 2019
Stockholm archipelago, Sweden
---[Flat Stanley Reports] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Hi Girls and Boys!   Flat Stanley here just cruising along.   After 3 really-busy days in St. Petersburg, Russia, we have a day where we are just cruising on the Baltic Sea as we travel to Stockholm, Sweden.   Before we arrive in Stockholm, we will sail by many small islands.  These island near Stockholm make up an archipelago.  An archipelago is a whole bunch of islands.  This Stockholm archipelago contains over 30,000 islands.  Some of these islands are just a bunch of rocks.  Some of the islands have people living on them.  Many of the islands with people have trees that they use to heat their houses.  We could smell wood burning as we sailed by some of these islands.   We even saw where they make Snickers candy bars at a snickerier.   (Just kidding again.  The word "snickerier" means it is a carpentry shop.) So, we slept it (it is Saturday; don’t you sleep in on Saturday?), had some lunch and supper, and watched the islands go by our window.   We even tried getting a massage today, but they said I couldn't have one because I was too flat.     I wonder if Mrs. Rickly will let me have one?   Since we are not getting off the ship today, we don’t have many pictures.  We will be in a new country when we write you tomorrow. See you later! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
With three intense days behind us, we slept quite late the next morning.  We did wonder to the World Café for some lunch and gelato but returned to the room to read and relax the rest of the afternoon.  About mid-afternoon we began to see islands dotting the sea outside our balcony.  We sailed quite close to some of them.  We just had to grab the camera for some shots.  Larry was quite intrigued by a long red building near the shore with words painted on the side saying: “Snickerier.”  Larry speculated that maybe the Swedes made Snickers candy bars there, but after he researched it, he figured out that it was a carpentry shop.
 Late in the afternoon, Rox convinced Larry to try the Scandinavian Spa.   We donned bathing suits, bathrobes, and slippers, and headed down a flight of stairs to the Spa. A Spa attendant reviewed the suggestion order of using the facilities. First we moved into the Steam Room. It was really hot!  Then we moved into the Snow Room.  This little room was filled with snow and ice.  Surprisingly, after the steam room, this didn’t feel as shocking as we had thought it would be.  Our final stop was the heated pool.  This was really warm and heated bars for lying in the water and relaxing.  We did also climb into the hot tub and enjoyed the water jets even the water wasn’t a whole lot hotter than the pool.  Rox had scheduled surprise massages for 7:00.  We played in the pool until our masseuses came to get us.  We both had deep tissue massages that lasted 50 minutes.  They were heavenly!  Leaving the spa we were both very relaxed and returned to the room.  We decided to just order some hamburgers from room service instead of going out to the restaurants. Tomorrow would be another tour day.
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