Arrive in Stockholm; final night on the ship

Sunday, May 05, 2019
Stockholm, Stockholm County, Sweden
---[Flat Stanley Reports] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Hi Boys and Girls!   Flat Stanley here at our final stop on this trip, Stockholm, Sweden.    Stockholm is the capital of the country of Sweden.   The city is built on fourteen separate islands, so we must cross many bridges to get anywhere.  Our ship is docked near a really-high stone wall close to the “old town” section.  Stockholm really is an “old town”.   Some old documents mention the name Stockholm in the year 1252.  Other people say the city was founded by Vikings even earlier. 
Today we took a trip north of the city and road in a bus for almost an hour to get to the city of Uppsala.  We stopped outside of Uppsala in a very-little village called Faringe.   At this place was a little train station where we boarded a real old train pulled by a steam engine built in 1897.   They called this train the “Lenna Cat”.  The passenger cars were all made from a pretty wood that many people had worked to make clean and shiny.  When the conductor said, “All Aboard”, we found places to sit but we could stand on the little decks between the cars and see the countryside go by (even if it was a bit cool out there. )   We stopped half way on our trip for lunch.   We finally ended in the city of Uppsala where we boarded our bus back to the ship.  It was fun and felt like we were living in the past.  But the trip took almost the whole day.
Stockholm traffic was getting heavy when we returned to the city and the roads seem like they wind around in strange directions.  But we made it back.  Tonight, we had to pack up and leave our luggage outside our cabin so it could get ready to leave the ship early tomorrow morning.  It is sad to think that our cruise is almost over, but we have a couple more days here in Stockholm to explore the city.
See you later!
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