Disembark; Day 1 in Stockholm

Monday, May 06, 2019
Stockholm, Stockholm County, Sweden
---[Flat Stanley Reports] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Hi Girls and Boys!   Flat Stanley here still in Stockholm, Sweden.    We had to get up and leave the ship early today for the last time and say goodbye to the two hard-working people, Annga and Ariane, who took care of our cabin for the entire voyage.    They really worked hard.
We took a taxi from the cruise port to our hotel which was not far away, but the traffic was terrible, and it took us almost 30 minutes to go 2 miles.  We arrived OK and wondered if we could get a room since we got there at 9am.  (At most hotels, rooms are not ready for people arriving until around 2pm.)  We were lucky and they did have a room for us.   We could unpack and get a little rest before we ventured out.
Do you know what Mrs. Rickly did, again?   When she and Mr. Rickly got ready to walk around the town, she forgot me!   They went for lunch at a Swedish restaurant and ate elk meatballs and fried herring which is a fish.  Both of those meals are food that people in Sweden eat.  And I did not get any lunch.  Boo, hoo!  
They walked around the center of Stockholm called “Old Town” because it has some of the oldest buildings here.  The streets are made from cobblestones and some of them are really narrow.    Like other big cities in this part of the world, many people work in the city and use cars, buses, trains, and bicycles to get around.  And they walk a lot!  Tomorrow Mr. and Mrs. Rickly are going to a museum to see a real Viking ship.  I hope they remember me this time.
See you later!
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