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Friday, April 08, 2016
Bellingrath Gardens, Alabama, United States
Bellingrath Gardens, just south of Mobile, Alabama. This is our third visit !! And each time, it's a pleasure to walk around the peaceful, beautifully manicured gardens. There were so many wonderful flower/color combinations and even some roses are showing up.

Extensive gardens...we never get to see all of out of steam, plus, we didn't want to leave Katie too long in the coach. are a LOT of photos. Hope you're in to flowers

Some of the photos have "Flower" as the caption....we did not know some of them although Kim new most of them.

Steve and Kim

272 miles

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Lana and Alvin Arcemont

Wonderful Images!

Bernice Martin

Have a great trip


Thank you. I stopped Facebook so I have not been able to follow
have website someplace?
I'm back into a little bored with Egrets, Cranes and Seagulls
in Florida.
...saw this one today...have not looked it up yet. It might just be a Robin.


They would have to drag me out of there. I absolutely love the flowers. They made me cry!!!! I know you think I'm crazy!!!!! Thanks