More flowers....BBQ, Drive-in, and Katie

Monday, April 25, 2016
Topeka, Kansas, United States
Another town, another flower garden...just can't resist. This time it's the Ted Ensley Gardens in Topeka, Kansas.

I don't know how many flowers there are but I'm sure glad I decided to get into birding instead of flowers....there are thousands !!! ...and all so beautiful. We sure hope you enjoy looking at them as much as do visiting and photographing them. We just wish more would be labeled. Some are, some aren't. (that will explain the snappy captions).
Also, this was supposed to be TULIP TIME, but we must've gotten there a few days too late. We could see the flower beds where the hundreds of tulips used to be but, all we got was a few dozen....still, very nice.

We also went to the best BBQ in Topeka, Lonnie Q's BBQ....right next to our RV park. Check out the massive amount of food for one person!
On our way to the local Walmart, we came across this saved drive-in sign....pretty cool. So, we had to take photos.
Oh, and a few shots of our now-14-week old puppy, Katie.
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