LONG straight road in Oklahoma

Sunday, May 01, 2016
Seibert, Colorado, United States
After leaving Guymon, we headed north for a few miles then west on U.S.Highway 412 for 47.7 miles. This is the straightest road in the U.S. No deviations whatsoever. These are the Plains...you can see forever in every direction.

This used to be part of the Dust Bowl so there's plenty of abandoned farmhouses along the route.

Stopping at a rest stop, you can see in all directions...and a few yellow bushes and a Western Meadowlark, the Kansas state bird.

We stayed at a small mom-and-pop RV park that was all we needed for the night. Nice owners.

That's all for this one...I think we're about done with the Plains as we head further west.
Steve and Kim

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