Rock Art....or...Petroglyphs

Sunday, May 22, 2016
Moab, Utah, United States
We took a side trip one day down the Colorado River south of Moab towards the Potash pits and came across a wall of Rock Art/Rock Panels/Petroglyphs so we stopped to take some photos. The have been carved into the varnished rock face. You can cross the road and look upwards at them...pretty amazing to think that someone carved these from the Formative Period, 2000 to 1300 years ago.

Here's a description:
Potash Road Rock Art
(Utah Scenic Byway 279)

There is no hiking necessary, as the major rock art panels cans be viewed from your car. Caution: Watch for highway traffic. Looking 25 to 30 feet up the rock wall on the cliff side of the road you will see petroglyphs from the Formative Period. Look for the line of "paper doll cutouts" and homed anthropomorphs holding shields and abstract images, as well as a wide variety of other animal and abstract images. The panel extends along the road 125 feet.
Here's a website that explains more about the culture at that time...if you're interested.

afterwards, we took Katie for her first dip in a lake!

Steve and Kim and Kate

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