One last entry from Moab

Tuesday, May 24, 2016
Moab, Utah, United States
We took one last trip down the Colorado River...this time on the east side.

Along the way, we spotted two jeeps traversing the side of the mountain....they sure looked small.

Then, we took a photo of a side of the cliff as an overall photo, then took close ups to show how fascinating the rock formations are to us.
...and then the other cliff....

From there, we travelled up a dirt road where we saw towering cliffs above and around us.

We got a flat tire one day and had to get four new, heavy-duty tires so Katie had to wait in the waiting area with us for an hour. She was great.

We're off to parts south for 'em!

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Beautiful, thanks!

Bev Pixley

Thank you for adding me to your list.
Your pictures are wonderful and I'm really enjoying your trip.