All about our puppy Katie

Sunday, June 12, 2016
Minden, Nevada, United States
Well, you knew this was coming....we have to post photos and movies of our Havanese puppy, Katie. Her full "official" registered name is Kathryn Elizabeth. We got to take her home at 8 weeks but got three visits before that. Sooo....get ready for some real cutsie-wootsie photos from two proud folks....

First visit and today...

Second and third visits....
...and finally, after 8 weeks of waiting....we got to take her home....look at this movie that shows happy Kim is...
...and settling in at her new home....

a few funny movies....

Vet visits...

After her third set of shots and two weeks after that, Katie could finally get outside and touch the ground.
...and she loves her walks...

She's probably been to more places than most people and she travels so well.

Hope you enjoy her half as much as we do....
Katie and Kim and Steve

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Robin Hawks

My favorite is your Grand Canyon family portrait. I love seeing your travels. I retired from teaching this year. Paul and I hope to start taking some small trips soon.

Jill Cross

We love seeing the Katie videos, for sure.You know we love Katie also. Michelle is jealous you get to see her every day as she can only look at pictures. She's so darn cute that you should put a tracking device on her.

Robin Hawks Alexander

Hey, Cousins! Thinking about you and all the fun you are having. Love following your blog. Hugs!