Day 1 Melbourne to Brisbane

Thursday, April 25, 2019
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
I’ve checked the weather forecast for Tokyo. RAIN for the next 3 days. Bummer! Had to throw in a proper raincoat. This will be a challenge but we won’t let it stop us enjoying everything that comes our way.
A very early start today with a Qantas domestic flight to Brisbane leaving at 0600, obviously a business timed flight. If everything goes to schedule we have a one and a half hour transit period in Brisbane before leaving for Tokyo at 0935. A bit of a squeeze as we will probably have to change terminals and go through immigration.
Everything went to plan and there was no drama. Except Edie will tell you differently as I had a couple of panic moments when I took a wrong turn and we had to backtrack to Ace Airport Parking. Now time to move along

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Have a wonderful time xxMarjorie