Day 13 Honolulu - royal sunset dinner cruise

Saturday, June 13, 2015
Honolulu, Hawaii, United States
Our last day in Hawaii. We decided to go to Downtown Honolulu and see the Royal Palace and statue of King Kamehameha. This was quite interesting. We then tried to find our way to Ward Shopping Centre. As we couldn't find the right bus stop we ended up walking. We thought it was pretty disappointing. We met some Aussie ladies who had been there and evidently we hadn't walked far enough.

Tomorrow is a big celebration day to do with Kamehameha and streets were being blocked off for the parade, which caused traffic jams everywhere . Edie went back to the hotel to get ready for our evening out and I went for a last look at Waikiki Beach. We then did some packing before leaving at 4.00 for our pickup. Some people were missing so this held us up for a while. We got to the docks and proceeded to have our pictures taken yet again before boarding this huge catamaran. I had booked a window seat upstairs and this turned out to be a table for two on the port side. We were offered a free cocktail and appetisers were served straight away. Salad and 4 prawns each. We set off and we were lucky to be on the best side as we cruised along past Waikiki and Diamond Head. There was music, a singer and dancers playing all the time. Then followed a lobster and then beef fillet with garlic mash and a couple of veg. All very nice. We bought a couple of extra drinks and then watched the sunset before chocolate mouse cake appeared. The highlight of Friday evenings is that you get to see the fireworks that the Hilton Village let off. They were good. Then the band played some groovy music and lots of people got up and line danced (not country style). A great evening to finish off our holiday.

When we got back the Main Street near the waterfront was packed with market stalls, food trucks and entertainers from Japan and other Pacific nations. Lots of drums and dancing. All good fun. Tomorrow will be frantic here but as we are being picked up at 6.30am we should get to the airport OK. It's been a great holiday although we didn't get to sit by the pool very much.
Thank you for following our journey. Aloha



Looks great, have a good trip home


Loved reading your in depth account of your journey. The dinner cruise looked amazing!! See you both soon.