Bonus Blog: Tomb of the Prophets

Wednesday, April 27, 2016
Jerusalem, Jerusalem District, Israel
It's pure tradition that the last three prophets in the Old Testament of the Bible are buried in this series of underground tombs on the side of Mount of Olives. It's more of a catacomb than a simple tomb, complete with rings of interconnected passageways lined with individual tombs. Our guide told us that the disciples of the prophets were often buried near their teacher. Regardless of who was originally placed in this hewn catacomb, there is evidence that Jews, and later Christians, used it for burying their dead.

We were each given a candle and were led through the dark passageways by the man who we assumed lived in the house just outside the catacomb . He was very knowledgeable about the tombs and burial traditions, answering questions and pointing the way in and around this underground gravesite. When we left, he didn't exactly ask for payment but left it up to us to leave a tip to help keep the tomb open for visitors.
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