Bonus Blog: Beach Day

Sunday, May 01, 2016
Tel Aviv-Yafo, Tel Aviv District, Israel
We had two full days left in Tel Aviv, most likely because it was cheaper to fly on a Tuesday than on a Sunday or Monday. The three of us left in the hostel got ready for our final departures and for going to the beach. We met with Steven and Danielle around noon and headed to the beach.

We returned to the same beach we had visited toward the beginning of our trip . This time, however, the crowds were out. Families, dogs, teenagers aplenty, loud music, pigeons, and plenty of sand. It clouded up most of the time but it we still warm enough to enjoy ourselves. Lena and Bri spent three hours in the Mediterranean while Steven and I dug a pit to see if we could reach water. It's a tradition he started with his dad when he was young, and I was more than happy to join in. Danielle, who could care less about digging in the sand, was able to capture the only known photographic evidence of the hole we had dug. Turns out the farther you are from the water's edge, the deeper you have to dig to find water in the sand.

Eventually we dried off enough to head back. We stopped in the HaCarmel Market and found a little outdoor restaurant where they serve all sorts of pastas and sauces to the tune of the Beatles playing in the background.

I packed my things and Lena's so I could head back with Steven and Danielle while Lena stayed with Bri in the hostel for one more night. Bri had to leave early the next morning. Plus there was barely enough room in the apartment across town for two people.
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