Much Enjoyed Sabbath Fellowship

Saturday, October 15, 2016
Östergötlands län, Swedish Lakeland, Sweden
It isn't too often that Paul and his children have guests at their house, especially on the Sabbath. Today went by slowly which is what we all needed. It was nice to sleep in a little and wake up to fresh coffee and good conversation. Eventually the children awoke. They thoroughly enjoyed playing chess, piano, and guitar with us the night before. This morning was a bit more subdued, although I'm pretty sure the first thing out of Aaron's mouth was something about a game of chess rather than even a good morning greeting. Once everyone was up and relatively alert, we ate some breakfast and grabbed our bibles. After a prayer we had an interactive study involving our favorite scriptures followed by a closing hymn beautifully accompanied on the piano by Vicki.

We chatted and planned out some Feast ideas for a while before heading back into the dining room for a hearty smörgåsbord that would have to do to keep us warmed for a stroll through the cold wind and into the forest back behind the field that lies next to the house . We bundled ourselves up well (except for the two boys who must be used to the cold weather) and headed out with a small basket in hand in case we came across some mushrooms that might be tasty with our dinner.

In the town of Mantorp there is a race track that is relatively famous. I don't think cars run on it every single day, but when they do, everyone nearby can hear the wheels squealing and roaring round and round. Today we heard them droning on and on from the time we woke up to the time the sun went down. The sound was especially loud in the middle of the forest where normally a person is able to find peace and quiet. After a while I didn't notice very much until we got very near the edge of the fence lining the racetrack. The smell of burning rubber became strong and the cars were near impossible to completely ignore.

We circled back around after finding a few wild mushrooms and having enjoyed enough of the refreshingly cool air. We said hello to the hens and headed back inside to sip on warm beverages and enjoy the last hours of our day of rest before we head off to Italy. Paul prepared a delightful meal of reindeer and pasta while the rest of us packed up the last few things we might need for our travels. Right before the kids headed off to bed we played two short rounds of Monopoly and snacked on chocolates. It was a wonderful day all the way around.
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