Happy Feasting! - Tabernacles Day One

Monday, October 17, 2016
Sabaudia, Lazio, Italy
Our first day of the Feast was filled with wonderful fellowship including two services, three meals, a walk on the beach, and cappuccinos after dinner. I've known Michael for a really long time. Everytime I tell the story it gets longer and longer. He and his wife Lauren are good friends and we are good to be feasting with them. Luke and José are rooming together even though they just met this week. It's a good match. We are always glad to see Joe even though he wanders away from us sometimes. I guess that just means we have to share him. We've had the chance to meet quite a few new folks here as well. If I had the time (and was good at remembering names) I could write about all of them. Today we had a wonderful dinner with some of our new friends: MB and Josephine, as well as Steve, who is fluent in and interprets sign language, and Patricia who benefits from Steve's bilingual tendencies.
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