Sabbath in Pretoria

Saturday, December 24, 2016
Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
We arrived in Johannesburg late Friday afternoon after a short 15+ hour flight. Jason Webster, a deacon in the local congregation picked us up from the airport along with Nick and Megan Lamoureux. He and his wife Monique live in Pretoria with their four children. We had a lovely candle lit meal with them outside under a tree in their yard as the clouds rolled in and we could see lightning off in the distance. Jason drove us to the Avalon Guest House where we would be staying for a few nights before camp on Sunday.

Our rooms were very lovely . The owner informed us that he had done all the woodworking in every room, and the was plenty of it. Bookshelves, bedposts, dinner tables, coffee tables, wardrobes, mirror frames, room partitions, all finished with dark and fragrant oils offset by the cream colored walls. We ate breakfast in the garden on the Sabbath and finished just before it began to rain.

For services, we rode with Monique and two of their children to Kempton Park. We met with the congregation in a small hall, tea and coffee served both before and after services. Jason led songs. The sermonette was given by a young man named Simba. He spoke about focusing on the bigger picture and not worrying about all the trials we have to go through to get where we are going. Vivien, an elder from Cape Town, gave the sermon on resisting the firey darts that Satan throws our way. It was wonderful to fellowship together there with our brethren after services.

In the evening the four of us ate dinner at a delightful little Italian restaurant back in Pretoria. Before heading back to our rooms to get ready for camp, we explored a local grocery store to see what kinds of food the locals eat.