Climb On

Tuesday, December 27, 2016
Hekpoort, Gauteng, South Africa
The day been early with rain waking us before many others were up. The cloudy morning made for comfortable weather for climbing rock walls and building trust on the low ropes course. As the sunshine appeared and the clouds broke up and spread out, we headed out past the camp gates to where a zip line hung high above the bushes surrounding a small pond. The seniors flew through the air first while the juniors played in the mud. Then we switched. The mud was of the dirty variety and only one of us was quick to stick his hands in it. He said he was embracing the African experience - he also claims to be from the bush. Soon everyone had their hands covered and were busy creating creatures from the mud.

As the days progressed and we had more time to spend with our fantastic brethren, we got closer to them all . God has made each person individually and that becomes more evident the more time you spend with a group of people. I've always heard that South Africa is so much different than the rest of Africa. It seems this is true. It is also true that God's people are so much different than other people in this world. There is a culture developed among us that is different than any other around the world.