Day 4 - Mid Week

Wednesday, December 28, 2016
Hekpoort, Gauteng, South Africa
The middle of a week is always interesting. It's the day when we really start to feel the rhythm of the week. The fast pace and surprise of Monday is long gone and things start to feel more comfortable. At camp out its at this point that t here are usually potential problems. Things continued on smoothly overall.

We had rain again in the morning, and started the pattern of combining first thing for Compass Check . The theme of the week followed the same theme as the rest of the summer camps and winter camps of the year: Guided by God's Word. We began the week talking about building the right foundation and built all week long from there. It wasn't clear how many learned from the lessons and actually enjoyed them. A few eager youngsters had their hands raised often while the more experienced members of the group seemed hesitant overall. One girl who was new to nearly everything including camp and studying the Bible said that Compass Check was her favorite part of the day on several occasions. That was very encouraging to hear.

In the evening after all the usual and unusual activities, we were introduced to two faithful church members - one long-time and one short-time. Both had struggled in their owns ways, but God had delivered them out of difficult times. They very much enjoyed the time they spent at camp, and it was wonderful to meet them and get to know them.



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