Short and Sweet - Friday Prep Day

Thursday, December 29, 2016
Hekpoort, Gauteng, South Africa
Compass check was later followed by Orienteering. coincidence? I think not. In orienteering you have to first know how the compass works. Then you have to know where you want to go. You plot your course and then you follow the directions to get there. It was interesting watching the campers try to work out what to do and what not to do. We played a game where each team wrote one letter of a five letter word on a piece of paper and then wrote coordinates to a point where that particular piece of paper would be hidden. The teams traded coordinates once the papers were hidden and then tried to find the letters to create a word. I think some teams took more time coming up with the word than they did with plotting the coordinates and hiding them. Things all worked out in the end. It turns out orienteering is an exact science, but not when human beings are involved.

There were a few other activities during the day but I failed to take any photos of them . Some were repeated from previous days like soccer. Others I guess I was just too involved to remember to pull out my phone and snap a photo.
In the afternoon the campers spent a lot of time on Mission Impossible. There was some sort of contraption set up that consisted of wooden posts stretching forming arches separated by at least 12 feet of grass. There were some cables between far posts as well. The campers were given a few different climbing ropes, a long post with a metal hook on it, a few long wooden posts, and instructions not to touch the ground while getting every to the other side. It took them a while to set up their system, but once the ropes and posts were in place, things ran very smoothly. They did need some guidance. It was difficult to get the younger campers involved in this one since there were a lot of difficult tasks to be done that took strength and skill. It might have been better to separate everyone for this activity.

The Sabbath could not have come at a better time. We were all getting worn down bit by bit and needed a rest. We had a wonderful Sabbath dinner that evening and were able to rest from our usual activities.

Addendum: I had nearly forgotten the Friday afternoon water balloon capture the flag battle that we had. How could I forget that?! It was a whole lot of fun and there were only a few tears that happened throughout the entire process. Everyone played by the rules and had a fantastic time.