A Day in Washington

Wednesday, November 30, 2016
Washington DC, District of Columbia, United States
We took a short trip to Washington, DC to get a hold of visas for our upcoming trip to Malawi. It was a beautiful place to visit. So much unique architecture both old and new. The parks and museums are enough to bring anyone to this city. We also had a chance to visit the Embassy of the Republic of Malawi, as well as pass by various embassies from around the world. Of course we had to stop at a few different coffee shops to see what they were like (to see how the coffee in the capital compares to the rest of the world really). We took a number of photos while we were walking around the city. We also had a chance to eat with a few friends on two different occasions, but failed to gather any evidence of those happenings. I guess we were enjoying their company far too much.



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