Everything Is Bigger

Wednesday, May 24, 2017
Gladewater, Texas, United States
Well, I can't totally agree that everything is larger in Texas, but I'm sure some things are. We have family in East Texas and have been there on visits several times in the past ten years. While usually hot and humid during this time of year, the cold, wet weather followed us over from Alabama. Lena's parents, who we lived with for a year after we got married, picked us up from the airport in Tyler, Texas. They moved from Northeast Ohio to East Texas a few years ago into a home that is super affordable and right next door to grandchildren. It's always nice to catch up with them.

I used to have coffee with Lena's dad, Ron, almost every day when we lived together and I miss that . On our way to Gladewater we stopped in a Greek restaurant that made delicious food, better than we expected. Who knew that East Texas had such culinary delights. There are quite a few actually, and not just great Mexican food. We found great local donuts and even some authentic Italian pizza. But that's all beside the point. We weren't there to eat food, but to visit with family.

It was a busy time for Lena's sister, Rita, and her family. She and her husband, Neil, have three kids who we have watched grow up. Two are in school and one has only months before she begins Kindergarten. This time of year is extremely busy for school children. Thankfully the two boys were finished with their tests. But they still had plenty going on. We didn't get to follow them on their field trips, but we did get to watch them perform. Blake had a talent show that he acted in. Riley played trombone in a band concert, and took part in an awards ceremony by hiding from the camera and walking up to accept multiple awards.

The rain did stop a few times during our visit, but the sun never did come out. The cool weather was beginning to get to Lena and I. Not to mention the fact that we had changed time zones several times within a couple of weeks and were getting tired. We love to travel, but not every single day. And contrary to popular belief, we don't like to live in other peoples' houses on a continual basis or move from place to place every three days. It's nice to have a place to put your own stuff. We love to visit family and will always hope to have that chance, but if we don't leave then we can't come back for a visit.
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