12+ Hours to Get Out of Town

Wednesday, May 24, 2017
Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
East Texas got sunny just as we were leaving. That's the way it goes when the rains follow you to different places. We ended up getting to Cincinnati a little later than expected, flying through a rain storm in Miami, Florida. Thankfully the flight out of Miami was delayed enough to give us the time to grab a snack before taking off again. Turns out we were only an hour late getting into Cincinnati. We hit the ground very tired and thankful for a very comfy bed. We decided to take some of our 12 hours in town to actually sleep. But that was short-lived and we woke up early to gather last minute items and to pack our bags.

We met Vick and Bev Kubik at the Home Office to talk a little about heading back to Malawi, about what the future holds, and so many things in just a short time . Then we printed our tickets for two separate trips, said hello and goodbye to more than a dozen friends, and got to the airport with time to spare.

And then our flight was delayed. We were scheduled to fly through Newark, New Jersey. It was raining pretty heavily in Cincinnati and apparently the big storm that had passed through the area the day before was doing its worst east of us in New Jersey. Flights were being delayed left and right. People were getting worried about missing their connecting flights. Some were delayed until the next day and others were being rerouted through other cities. They would probably be half a day late getting to where they needed to. I wasn't quite sure what would happen to us with our flight to Dublin. We would be left with as little at 15 minutes to make our next flight once we hit the ground. That's not nearly enough time. Thankfully we were put on a later flight leaving Newark, and even temporarily reserved seats on an even later flight just in case. The bad weather passed enough for us to make it safely in and out of Newark and on our way to Dublin, Ireland.

Our last moments in the US were spent in a strange airport a little on edge not knowing if our next flight would be delayed. Plus we were ready for a nice long nap, a feeling that wasn't about to go away.
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