Artwork and Entertainment - Two Days in Dublin

Sunday, May 28, 2017
Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland
This time the sunshine was scarce in Dublin. Again Luke met us at the airport and accompanied us back to Dún Laoghaire so we could set down our bags and step back out for another tour of Dublin. We did take things slightly slower on the second round, but that doesn't mean we didn't walk just as far as we did the first day. The city around us doesn't seem to slow down, especially now that Summer has arrived. I think you can tell travelers from locals because those from warmer climates have thicker layers of coats on and the locals seem to enjoy the relatively warm weather.

Today we had the chance to visit a modern art gallery, a donut shop, a memorial garden for the Irish police (Garda), a castle, a pastry shop, and enjoyed a rainbow at the end of the day . I'm still not sure how rainbows can appear on such a cloudy day, but it must have been the accompanying sunset in the opposite direction, and the drizzle that waited for us to be indoors.

On our very last day in Ireland, Luke let us sleep in as he jumped on the train to work in Dublin. He teaches English to students coming from other countries who need experience in an English speaking country for their careers. There was a chance we could stop by and see him before we left the country, but it would have been a struggle to drag all of our bags down the streets of Dún Laoghaire, catch a bus or a train, locate Luke while dragging our things through a rough part of town, stow away our bags, see a few things while watching the clock, and then drag everything to a bus stop and head towards the airport.

Instead we took our time walking along Dublin Bay from town to town, stopping periodically to enjoy the salty air and beauty of the sea. We did have to rush back to Luke's place, grab everything, and as quick as is possible, roll our suitcases down sidewalks filled with locals so we could catch the airport coach in time. Hopefully we didn't run over anyone's toes. Luke got off work in time to meet us at the airport one more time. We shared a meal and some plans for our return in December, and then said our goodbyes. We were about to get on a plane bound for Addis Ababa where we would sit for four hours, weary from hopping from plane to plane, surrounded by strangers from all over the world, and then finally end up back in Malawi where things are more familiar.
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