Victoria Miniature World

Sunday, June 19, 2016
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
One of the places I'd wanted to visit in downtown Victoria before heading to my airbnb home to rest up was Miniature World. I've been to a similar miniature world in Hamburg (see link at end) and even a small railway museum in Toronto, so didnt expect this to be that good. 
However I was quite amazed by the imagination and level of detail in such a small space. Entrance is $14.50 and is on the museum street opposite the Bug Museum and Maritime Museums. 
After various battle scenes of toy soldiers they they had exhibits on Canadian history and every major city at the turn of the century from Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City, and the Maritimes. 
After more mega battle scenes with armies there were castles and European town squares. 
Next was a section on fairy tales. There were various stories such as snow white and other popular childrens tales. 
There was a section on London from Elizabethan times as a port city, and during the mid 20th century. 
Then a section on doll houses and a circus world. Similar to the Hamburg museum the lighting cycles thru short day and night scenes. 
If that wasnt enough there was a whole section on the Legends of King Arthur, Knights of the Round Table, Camelot, and the death of King Arthur. 
It was a worthwhile half hour spent and worth a visit for a tourist of any age. Certainly one of the treats of my arrival in Victoria and a close rival to the Hamburg Museum. 
To see the Hamburg Miniature World with airport click on link below.
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