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Friday, June 24, 2016
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Friday my last day, I had rented a bike online from a bike rental place near my hotel. There was steady drizzle again this morning and I hoped it wouldn't downpour as it had done yesterday ruining my biking day. 

Originally I planned to bike from the south along English Bay but having walked that a couple of times I wanted to bike along Coal Harbour where I had arrived my first day


First I took Cambie Bridge across False Creek back to downtown. I recognized some of the buildings such as the library as sometimes I have to insure locations near here so am checking them on google street view. 




I made my way back to Waterfront Station and Canada Place where I had arrived my first day. I went back along the waterfront trail I had walked the first day. 


Canada Place has views of the Seaport and the Lions Gate Bridge but it was quite misty in the drizzle. 



I went along Coal Harbour all the way into Stanley Park which I hadnt done yet. Jutting into the ocean Stanley Park is its own rainforest climate zone and was alive with colours and rich greens. 


One place I wanted to visit was the Totem Poles. It was busy with tour buses and the drizzle wasnt letting up. 



I then biked along the sea wall trying to get to Lions Gate Bridge which spans the horizon.   


I didnt think there was access from the biking trail to the bridge as its so high up so went into the park trying to find the main road onto the bridge. I was getting lost and saw a film crew but they couldnt give me directions. Eventually I made it back onto the road. 


Now I'm not one for heights and the bridge is quite an elevation up. I remember walking across bridges in Budapest but they were nowhere this high and long across. I had to look towards the traffic in the middle as the moving railings on the outside edges were unnerving me more from such a height. 


From the peak I sped all the way down. I actually used to insure the City of North Vancouver when I handled the Municipal Insurance Program. I also passed by Squamish First Nation which was also part of the Municipal Program. 



I then got lost again thru side streets so had to use my phone GPS to navigate me back to Marine Drive to lead me to the Seabus terminal. 



I was told the ferry terminal had a big market area like Granville Island but it was just a couple of shops. Hungry I got a pizza slice for energy. 


The Seabus is part of my day transit pass. They make bikes wait by the first doors. However there is no bike storage on board so good job it wasnt crowded right now. 


There were nice sweeping views of North Vancouver as the drizzle had started to clear since the Lions Gate Bridge. The elevated walkways on arrival reminded me of similar ones at the Hong Kong ferries. 



I then made my way to Hornby Street which has bike lanes thru downtown. 


The Vancouver Art Gallery was similar in style to the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square London. An interesting stretch was the theatre district with retro neon signs along Granville Ave. 



I took Granville all the way down and headed to the Burrard Bridge. 


This would take me back to Vanier Park and the museum district I had started at on Wednesday with the ferries. I followed the path along False Creek back to Granville Island. 



I passed Granville Island and followed the bike path all along False Creek. There were interesting waterfront townhome complexes maybe from the 80s. 


From Olympic Village I turned back towards the bike rental place to end the day. I passed a red historic building I was asked to insure recently but ran into problems as its stilted and in an earthquake zone! 


Vancouver is flat, very bike friendly with a network of bike lanes, and has ample bike rental places. The cheaper ones are away from the tourist zones which charge by the hour. Mine was for the day and only $28. It was a good activity for my last day and the rain cleared. 

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