Day 1: We made it to... Drumroll... Bremen!

Saturday, August 17, 2013
Bremen, Bremen, Germany
First and foremost, Maggie flies! We tested her and all was good. There are a few small differences in how the engine performs, but all good things.

First though, what a day! Said goodbye to Mom, drawing our family reunion for her 70th to a close . The rest of the family had left already a while back. It was great to see Mom again for a bit in Munich. Enda and I also went out for a breakfast, and time spent with Enda is always good time spent.

But on to the flight! Johannes, together with his lovely wife Heike and daughter Marie, picked me up and with Johannes' driving we were at the airport in no time. Hr. Rieger and Hr. Schröder were still hard at work trying to get Maggie fly able. Much respect to those guys. I would recommend them to anyone. Good people, great service. Hr. Rieger took Maggie for of solo spin and after a few more tweaks it was our turn. Everything worked as advertised, save the fuel pumps to our aux tank!

After even more little tweaks and banter, it was after 7pm before we could leave! Crazy! Our plan to get to Wick was laughable. So we rerouted to one of few German airports open after sunset. Off we went to Bremen ;-) The flight was uneventful in terms of any issues and it felt great to get in the air. Maggie was purring, the. Autopilot was working, the vacuum pump was reading normal, out iPads and other toys were performing as advertised. All in all, no problems.

We landed right at night after an Airbus in Bremen and there were even fireworks when we were parking ;-)

Flight specifics for those interested: 2 hours VFR, altitude 6500 and then 4500.

Beers at the airport Holiday Inn toppingoff a crazy cool day.
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