All nature, no man: Canada to the US!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013
Bangor, Maine, United States
It's another early morning for us as we're eager to make our way south and to the USofA. Fortunately there's power so we can eat some breakfast. Amazing how expensive this town is with everything having to get airlifted over. $20 for two scrambled eggs and two pancakes.

It's really nice weather so we actually file VFR all the way to Goose Bay at 7500' . Leaving iqaluit that's the last we see of anybody. From there on to Goose Bay there's no house, no road, no boat, nothing. Crossing the Hudson Bay was lonely business and it's only quite a bit south of that that we start to see a bit a vegetation. The scenery was beautiful regardless with the baren rolling hills. There wasn't a flat patch to be seen, so that was of course always a lingering thought in case we had to put down.

Goose Bay is a giant airport with long runways and very little traffic. It seems to survive off a bit of military and ferry pilots. We got in and out in a hurry after refueling.

As soon as we left the airport we were again in no-man's-land. It got progressively more forested with lots of pretty lakes and streams, but again not a soul to be seen. It wasn't until the shoreline of the St. Charles Sound that we saw a small town. From there we did have some clouds following us into Bangor, so it was good we filed IFR . It was also only. Pretty close to St. Charles Sound that we had radio contact with folks again, as we filed low at 8000'.

Hearing horror stories of how foreigners flying general aviation aircraft into the US are treated, we made sure to do everything by the book. Low and behold, immigration in Bangor was a breeze and they were super friendly. Folks seem to like us all the more when we tell them our travel plans ;-).

The local Holiday Inn, with their free shuttle service and free rides to and from restaurants is too good to pass up. The hotel is totally cookie cutter we get to a great seafood restaurant brewery pub and order their flight of 10 beers. We're smiling.

Our routing from Iqaluit (CYFB) to Goose Bay (CYYR) was, again, VFR at 7500'. Time 4h15m.
From Goose Bay to Bangor (KBGR) we had the Goose Bay departure DCT YZV V316 YBC V39 MLT, 8000'. It took 4h30m
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