No need to rush to visit

Tuesday, October 29, 2013
Muscat, Muscat, Oman
This should be my shortest blog post of the trip. Oman: not much going on here. While many in the rest of the group flew on to Dubai for a night, we thought it would be more relaxing and surely less costly to avoid Dubai and have the opportunity to see more of Oman. Our only hint at something potentially interesting was to visit the souk, so that's where we headed.

Looking for a taxi stand, we asked a man in his car for directions . Next thing we know he offers us a ride because he lives near there and we're jumping in his car. He's a nice guy, a salesman for a pharmaceutical company, so he and Johannes had enough banter to talk about. The city made a dreary impression with everything shades of brown. There is definitely money here and it was a shocking difference to India with everyone driving in the correct lanes, not honking, and things very clean. But it was just sterile. We passed a TGIFriday's along the way. Enough said.

The souk was also just too clean, not chaotic enough, and selling too much Chinese plastic junk when compared to the crazy ones in Istanbul or Fez. Blah. Our fish lunch was fresh and great, and to the chagrin of the manager we let the cats sample the fare.

And that about wrapped up our sightseeing. We enjoyed a bit. Of sun by the hotel pool for what may be the last time as we near dreary European November weather. For dinner we contacted Dietmar and Veronika from the Silver Eagle to see if they wanted to meet up. They were heading to the one restaurant in town with alcohol - the Hyatt hotel - and were meeting with the two other crews that also opted to forgo Dubai. The buffet was tasty and the all-you-can wine buffet dangerous.

In all fairness to Oman, Ronne and Cindy from one of the TBMs showed pictures of the countryside from their excursion. That indeed looked very pretty. astill, having seen great desert countryside in the US and Australia I would say give Oman a resounding pass.
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